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Game Overview
Title: Fetch Quest
Platform: PC
Genre: Platform RPG
Rating: E
Target: Casual and experienced gamers alike

Fetch Quest is a 2D platform game with RPG style elements. The player is a Postdog called Fetch, delivering letters and packages across the mystical countryside of Bramble, encountering friends and enemies along the way. The player’s main objective is to deliver letters to all the houses in the district, and to collect any letters and packages he finds on the way.

There are strange happenings in the land of Bramble. Can Fetch, a humble Postdog, get to the bottom of the mayhem and deliver all his packages before the day is done?

Game Objectives
The main objective is to deliver letters and packages to all the houses you pass, whilst also collecting any packages you find on the way to score points.

Game Rules
Don’t annoy your enemies, don’t die.

Install instructions

download zip file and extract all

click on FetchQuestDemo.exe to run


FetchQuestDemo (2).zip 39 MB

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